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Need legal assistance? Held Law Firm practices student criminal defense. Walking distance from campus. 865-637-6550

Held Law Firm offers criminal defense services for campus crimes, including DUI, simple possession, and other charges.

Located on Highland Avenue in The Fort, our office is located within walking distance of campus and offers private parking.

More information about our criminal defense services can be found on our website.   865.637.6550

Held Law Firm’s criminal defense attorney, Jackson Whetsel, graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Tennessee’s College of Law.  Jackson is well known throughout Knoxville courts for the time, energy, and research that he spends on each of his cases.

Attorney Jackson Whetsel is passionate about protecting the rights of university students.  At Held Law Firm, we understand that people make mistakes.  Our goal is to defend your rights so that you are not unjustly penalized, so you can get back to making a better future for yourself.











Looking to schedule a case assessment?  Call 865.637.6550 to schedule a consult with Jackson Whetsel, or find more information on our website.

Psych dream pop with Beach House. Wed. May 31st. Mill and Mine.

Get Tickets Now.

Beach House online.

The Mill and Mine online

Beach House “Depression Cherry” album

Beach House VIDEO “Wishes”


Buy a Bike from DreamBikes Today

Buy a bike from DreamBikes today!

DreamBikes is a non-profit community-based bike shop that works with community organizations to provide employment to area kids and bikes to the community.

Donate an old bike to DreamBikes!  They can fix it up and sell it to someone in need of transportation for a very fair price.

DreamBikes Knoxville on Facebook.  National DreamBikes website

309 N. Central Street
Knoxville, TN 37902

(865) 474-1752


WUTK’s Ya’llternative Presents Webb Wilder~Sun. Mar. 5 @ Barleys!

Catch Webb Wilder at Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria, Sunday, March 5th at 8pm.

Webb Wilder’s Website and Facebook.

More info on Barley’s Website.

“Before there were Kings of Leon, Keys of Black or Whites of Jack in Nashville, there was Webb Wilder.

Rock ‘n’ roll, from Nashville. Formed from Mississippi mud, tinged with British mod. Bruised by the blues. Baptized by Buck and Chuck. Psychiatric psycho-rootsy. Sizzling, glistening, uneasy listening. As it has been for three decades, it is now and ever shall be. Webb Wilder.

Mississippi Moderne. Pronounce it however you like, but Webb pronounces it “Moe-durn.” Hybridized and improvised.”

-Taken from Barley’s Website

Listen to Fashion Pop! Thursdays at 3:40 pm. It’s where fashion and music collide. Learn the stories behind pop culture fashion. Hear the music that influenced fashion. Sponsored by Planet Xchange. Hosted by Beth Boline.

Buy. Sell. Trade. Clothes and Gifts! Planet Xchange online!

Listen to past shows here! Fashion Pop Pod Casts!

Mens Fashion

Womens Fashion

History is often made when pop culture influences fashion.  But which came first?  The Fashionista, or the fashion itself?

Ever wonder how much Andy Warhol had to pay for that famous shot?  Or how artists like Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and Scott Weiland master grunge?  Not only sound but a style.

Whether your style is ironic – or iconic – you can hear these incredibly interesting stories and more on Volunteer Radio, by listening to Fashion Pop.  Every Thursday afternoon at 3:40.

Fashion Pop is sponsored by locally owned and operated Planet Xchange, Knoxville’s go-to for fashionable finds in the Gallery Shopping Center at 7240 Kingston Pike.

Planet Xchange owner, Beth Boline, does a great job telling stories about when fashion and pop collide, paired with cool tunes that have their own fashion tie-in.

Donate Plasma with Knoxville Plasma! Get paid $365 to $400 a month for your time and help save lives! 2820 Middlebrook Pike, walk in or schedule an appointment today! NOW HIRING PART TIME CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY STUDENTS.

Now earn $365 TO $400 a month!  Donate Plasma, save lives AND get paid with Knoxville Plasma Corporation.

Located at 2820 Middlebrook Pike Suite 112 in Knoxville, walk in or schedule an appointment at 637-1497.

In order to donate you need a valid ID, social security card, and proof of address postmarked within 30 days.

Plasma is the clear, straw colored liquid portion of the blood that remains after the removal of cells and it makes up about 55% of human blood. It contains salts, enzymes, antibodies and nearly 500 other types of proteins. Plasma protein therapies help people fight chronic and often genetic diseases such as bleeding disorders, immune system deficiencies, genetic lung disorders, burns, recipients of transplants, and can be manufactured into vaccines for treatment of exposure to Hepatitis, Rabies and Tetanus. Plasma contains proteins that cannot be synthesized.

Visit their Facebook page for more info! 

Progressive Jam Rockers, Moon Taxi! 2 Nights at The Mill and Mine. Fri. Feb. 24 & Sat. Feb. 25! 9 pm.

The Mill and Mine online

Get Tickets Here for Friday Feb. 24, 2017         Get Tickets Here for Sat. Feb. 25, 2017

Moon Taxi Official website









Order Online now.



Cumberland Ave. Strip next to Pilot. Awesome Patio, Deck. Wine & Beer Dinners.

Donate your car [running or not] to the WUTK Gift Fund! Trucks, Vans and Boats too! A great income tax deduction! The car donation line is 1-866-628-2277.

Click here! Remember to tell them that you want to donate to WUTK!

Donate your car to the WUTK Gift Fund! Trucks, Vans and Boats too!  Boats must be water worthy with a road worthy trailer.

A great income tax deduction!

The car donation line is 1-866-628-2277.

80% of the value of your car goes to the WUTK Gift Fund.  WUTK does not have to do anything to process the this.  It is a great way to help WUTK stay on the air!  Spread The Word.  Thank you.