Knoxville Horror Film Fest is back for the 8th year with the beastliest fest yet, taking place Friday, October 21st (6:30p) through October 23rd (11p)!


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This year they’ve got 10 horrific feature films, another batch of bloody good shorts, the 6th annual Grindhouse Grind-Out and lots more. Check out all of the treats below.

  • Phantasm: Remastered – 1979’s beguiling indie horror classic returns to the big screen in Bad Robot’s revelatory 4K restoration.
  • Phantasm Ravager – The long-awaited fifth and final installment in the Phantasm series promises the ultimate showdown with the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm, RIP).
  • The Greasy Strangler – Bewildered buzz out of Sundance and SXSW has put this depraved comedy on the fast track to midnight movie notoriety… and KHFF will be Knoxville’s only chance to experience it with an audience.
  • Trash Fire – Adrian Grenier leads an unsuspecting girlfriend into the jaws of domestic horror in the riotously bleak new film from KHFF favorite Ricky Bates (Excision, Suburban Gothic).
  • Beyond the Gates – Rising indie horror stars Graham Skipper (The Mind’s Eye, Re-Animator the musical) and Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End, The Guest) search for their lost Father in a devilish VHS board game hosted by scream queen Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator).
  • Sadako vs. Kayako – The ghostly gals from Ringu and Juon: The Grudge face off in Japanese horror’s answer to Freddy Vs Jason.
  • The Master Cleanse – A Film by Bobby Miller – Johnny Galecki attends an unusual spiritual retreat hosted by Oliver Platt and Angelica Huston, in the cutely creepy feature debut from the director of Tub.
  • La Rage du Démon (Fury Of The Demon)– A coy documentary-style look at a legendarily violence-inducing lost short by silent film wizard Georges Méliès.
  • Red Christmas – Genre legend Dee Wallace (The Howling, ET) is a matriarch with secrets in this boundary-pushing Australian holiday chiller.
  • Bad Blood: The Movie – The creators of Goat Witch (winner of “Weirdest Film” at KHFF 2014) return with their wildest creature feature yet, presenting an amphibious twist on the werewolf flick. (Filmmaker in attendance.)
  • KHFF Grindhouse Grind-Out – Filmmaking teams are given 6 days and 66 minutes to create an exploitation trailer or narrative short. The shorts will be screened Saturday night during the festival.

And as with last year’s festival, each screening will be preceded by a themed selection of short films which can be found here