90.3 The Rock is stoked to announce that we’re going to send YOU to Buku Festival in New Orleans, LA!

No spring break plans? No problem. Take a trip down to Nola land and jam with your favorite bands, courtesy of your best friends here at WUTK.

We will qualify 90 cool cats from January 6 until March 3, 2014. On Monday, March 3 we’ll hop on the airwaves and pick our lucky duck winner! Then we’ll be sending you off to go enjoy music and beignets for the rest of us.
Ways to qualify:</strong>

    <li>Listen to 90.3! – We’ll be qualifying folks during the day and on our specialty shows! I’ll give you a hint—listen to Indie Aisle, Fire On the Mountain, and Midnight Voyage.</li>
    <li>Register!    We’ll have registration boxes at some of our favorite businesses. Fill out your info, do your lucky dance, and drop your name in.~Check the Internetz!</li>
    <li>Check the Internetz!    We’ll qualify via Facebook and our special WUTK E-Blasts!</li>

Buku will feature tunes heard on The Rock like The Flaming Lips, Beats Antiques, Wavves, Lotus, and more!