Dance Night and Elysium Live Interactive Fiction Experience in Old City!

Organized Play is hosting a dance night and Live Interactive Fiction Experience or LIFE at the Old City Entertainment Venue. This 18 and over event will take place on Sunday, December 4th from 8 pm - 3 am!

A LIFE is a theatrical tale where you actually participate in the story. The Elysium LIFE, Black Bowery, follows a system called Vampire: The Requiem to tell a tale of personal and gothic horror, where participants act out the characters of Vampires infesting Knoxville's gothic streets! You tell your own vampire story! Elysium's unique entertainment experience will also feature underground DJs including John Augustus, Sour Candi, DJ Jazzy Jedi and others!

$5 cover charge, plus $5 for participation in Black Bowery LIFE.

More info about Elysium's Black Bowery LIFE can be found at, and