Underwriting with WUTK

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Why should I underwrite with WUTK?

WUTK is the only radio station in Knoxville specifically targeting the University of Tennessee's 24,000+ students and 4,000 staff members. Not only that, WUTK does very well in the surrounding community and even attracts listeners all across the country via the Internet.

What are the advantages of Underwriting with WUTK?

First, you know exactly whom you are going to reach with WUTK. Second, we guarantee to work with you from inception to production. Third, since we are a non-commercial station, any underwriting you do with WUTK is a tax-deductible contribution to the University of Tennessee.

Underwriting with WUTK is a tax-deductible expense?

Yes. Because we are a non-commercial station, the money you pay in underwriting can be used like a charitable contribution.

How do I know I am going to get the same quality I would with other Knoxville stations?

WUTK has recently upgraded its production facility. We have the latest digital production equipment available. Our goal is to maintain quality equal to any area commercial station. Just ask your sales rep to hear some of our past ads.

Does WUTK have any special programming that I can underwrite with?

90.3 The Rock offers plenty of specialty shows which feature genre-specific musical programming every night of the week. From hip-hop to heavy metal, from local music to jam bands, from old school rap and funk to club dance music, we have more variety than any station in town. We also have the "Rock Solid Sports" call-in show weeknight from 7-8 p.m. Show sponsorships are available. Please see our daily schedule for more info, or call Underwriting Director Tony Farina at 974-1120 for more info!

How far does WUTK transmit?

WUTK uses a 1,000 watt transmitter which is powerful enough to reach all of Knox county and portions of the surrounding counties. WUTK has been reported to be heard as far north as Lafollette and as far south as Sweetwater.

How is WUTK connected to the University of Tennessee?

W University of Tennessee Knoxville is officially licensed to the Board of Trustees and run by the Department of Broadcasting. Future broadcast professionals, advertisers, marketers, and many others run the station. All of the key positions are given to the most qualified students among UT's 24,000+ student body.