It's time to vote for the 2012 Volapalooza headliner!

Volapalooza, the Kickoff to Commencement, is the annual end of the year concert and graduation celebration presented by the Campus Entertainment Board. You can now fill out a survey and let the Campus Entertainment Board know who you would like to see at the Volapalooza! Artists for Volapalooza are selected using a variety of criteria, including student input, artist availability, performance fees, and production costs.

This will be the 10 years anniversary of Volapalooza and the powers that be are looking forward to your input! Everyone involved wants this to be the an awesome experience for both UT students and the Knoxville community! WUTK looks forward to hearing who you want to play!

You can check out the latest news about Volapalooza by going to their Facebook page, the website, or check them out on Twitter.