WUTK encourages you to do your part! RECYCLE! The City of Knoxville is launching Household Curbside Recycling!

 Hey WUTK listeners, do you want to recycle more? The City of Knoxville is going to make it easier for you to do just that by launching Household Curbside Recycling. Knoxville residents who sign up will receive a cart to put all recyclables in together. No sorting is required. The City’s contractor will pick up the recyclables at the curb every other week. You can do your part, with the cart. Don’t miss out on this easy and convenient way to recycle. Sign up now by calling 311 or at do your part by registering for curbside recycling pick-up HERE. 90.3 The Rock urges our listeners to take time to recycle, and to sign up for The City of Knoxville’s curbside recycling pick up!