WUTK Has Applied For License Renewal



On July 26, 2004, WUTK-FM was granted a license by the Federal Communications Commission to serve the public interest as a public trustee until December 1, 2011.

Our license will expire on December 1, 2011. We have filed an application for renewal with the FCC.

A copy of this application is available for public inspection during our regular business hours. It contains information concerning this station's performance during the last eight years

Individuals who wish to advise the FCC of facts relating to our renewal application and to whether this station has operated in the public interest should file comments and petitions with the Commission by November 1, 2012.

Further information concerning the FCC's broadcast license renewal process is available at WUTK, P103 Andy Holt Tower on the campus of The University of Tennessee,  or may be obtained from the FCC, Washington, DC 20554.



Procedure for Filing Informal Objections.  A person or entity opposing the grant of a station's license renewal application may file an informal objection against the license renewal application at any time prior to staff action on the license renewal application.  An informal objection is less formal than a Petition to Deny, but some requirements still apply.  It may take the form of a letter signed by the objector and mailed or delivered to the FCC addresses below.  An informal objection need not contain the affidavit required for a Petition to Deny.  It should, however, contain sufficient information to establish any violation alleged.  Additionally, an informal objection not received by the time the station's license renewal is granted will not be considered. 



445 12th St. SW

Room TW-a325

Washington, D.C. 20554

Affirmative comments concerning a licensee's service during the prior license term should be filed by the Petition to Deny deadline through the Office of the Secretary at the addresses listed in the next section.


445 12th St. SW

Room TW-a325

Washington, D.C. 20554



Full Time Positions filled in 2011

Underwriting Director: Jennell Klussman

Office Manager: Shiela Hawkins

Recruitment Sources:

1.       On Air Announcements.

2.       Job Listings posted on www.wutkradio.com. (Please see attached copy) Posted. 11-8-2010

3.       Job Listings posted on The University of Tennessee’s Human Resources page.

a.       Contact: Glenn Rider

224 Conference Center Building
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4125

Phone #: 865-946-8847

4.       E-Blast (Please see attached copy)

Jennell Klussman hired December 26, 2010 was referred via on-air announcements.

Shiela Hawkins hired June 7, 2011 was referred via on air-announcements.


Total Interviewees:

Underwriting Director: 5 people interviewed for the position.

·         2 were referred via the E-Blast

·         1 was referred via on-air announcements.

·         2 were referred via www.wutkradio.com

Office Manager: 6 people were interviewed for the position.

·         3 were referred via www.wutkraio.com

·         2 were referred via on air announcements.

·         1 was referred via E-Blast.






WUTK strives to stay compliant with Section 73.2080 and be an equal opportunity employee. When positions are posted there is no implicit or explicit preference for any race, religion, national origin or sex. As a licensed NCE station and learning lab, WUTK offers internship opportunities to both students at The University of Tennessee and members of the Knoxville community seeking to receive broadcast training. WUTK also offers all full-time employees the ability to further their education with The University of Tennessee, which allows station personnel to obtain higher level positions. Currently on staff member is enrolled in the Graduate studies program offered by WUTK.  Furthermore, WUTK never discriminates against employees and volunteers based on their sex, religion, race, or national origin. WUTK strives to create a diverse and accepting atmosphere for all employees and volunteers.