WordPress 101

When adding content to your new WUTK Radio WordPress site, here are some things things to consider — do you want to add information about an upcoming event? About a local merchant? About an new promotion?  The weekly charts?

  • Posts:  Time sensitive information. (think  Story) These can be pushed to the front page sliders,  the partners sliders, or anywhere you want to use them.   It all depends on which “CATEGORY” you attach to your post.  The FEATURED IMAGE is very important. This is the image that goes to the Frontpage Slider, Partners Slider, etc.
    • Area Business – these can be listed in a special section on the front page. Information about a local merchant?
    • Charts – choose the Charts category and the post will go to the Charts listing on the sidebar.
    • Drawing – special promotion/drawing?
    • Goes to Recent Posts listing and page
    • Frontpage Slider – these go to the big slide show on the front page.   Create a Post with the category of Frontpage Slider. Put the image you want in the slider as the FEATURED Image. The  post Title will be the Caption.
    • News – Have an update on something? New website? A concert announcement – but this is NOT the EVENT type.
    • Partners Slider – Business that underwrite WUTK.  This will go to the Partners Slider on the front page and also to the Featured Partners page.
    • Uncategorized – If you have post, don’t want to delete it but don’t need it to show up anywhere, switch it to Uncategorized.
    • Videos – self explanatory
    • Other categories can be added as needed.
  • Page:  Static information – About Us, Contact Information.  Information that is not updated frequently and that you need to have a permanent URL to use for links.
  • Event:   Also time sensitive information, but for Concerts, Festivals, Live Remotes, — Upcoming Music events for  your listeners.  These will show in the sidebar on the front page under Upcoming Music Events, and on the Events page. The FEATURED IMAGE is the image that will show in the Upcoming Music listing on the Front Page and on the Events list page. No need to put an image in the body of the event page – just add a Featured Image or 2. Fill in the Venue and Organizers and this will show up on the event page.
  • Shows: The shows go to the Schedule page, which links back to the individual show page.   I added a Specialty Show page which lists (and links to) the shows with a description, the genre, and DJs. Be sure to make the Show “Active” (under Information) and Add Shift in the Schedule information.  If you need more Genres for a new show, you can add a new category right on the new show form.
  • Playlists: Can be associated with a specific show, with a listing of playlists on the Show page. May or may not want to use these, since DJs list playlists on their Facebook page already. I can make the playlist links disappear from the Show page layout if you aren’t going to use them.
  • Media: All the uploaded image files for the site.  If an image has already been used on the site, you can easily reuse it by browsing in the Media Library.   Or if you need to upload a new image, that’s easy also. Just be sure to add in the title, alt title, etc for each image.
  • Comments, Portfolio, FAQs – not being used as yet.
  • Contact: these are the WP equivalent to Drupal Webforms.  Very configurable. Use if you need a visitor to your site to submit information (contest entry, contact information, etc).
  • Table Press can be used if you want to include a table on one of your pages (see the Specialty Shows page).
  • Schedule Override is only if you need change a show schedule (a one-off air time)

Appearance: this controls the theme for the WUTK Radio website.  I’m using Avada-Child-Theme.   Most of the theme specific options are controlled through the Theme Options interface. Only make changes here if you know what you are doing.

Widgets:  WordPress’s equivalent to Drupal Blocks (sort-of, but not completely). You can create a new sidebar and use it if you need a very customized page.   You can get to the editing page for Widgets is either through the Dashboard or through Appearance –> Widgets.   Just drag and drop the widget you want in the sidebar/theme area you want. The Front Page is using the BLOG SIDEBAR.

Menus:  The main menu is Menu 1. This is the horizontal menu on the pages. You can add and remove links by going to the Menus page from Dashboard or Appearance –> Menus.   If you need other menus, we can set those up too.

Plugins: WordPress’s equivalent to Drupal modules. These add functionality, but need to use extreme care when choosing a plugin to add, so as not to break the site inadvertently.

Users:  Right now, just a few Administrators on the site. You can add DJs and let them modify their profile and attach them to a Show.

Elastic Slider, Flexslider, Revolution Slider, LayerSlider WP: advanced sliders that may or may not work for what you want. Take some experimenting to figure out what they do and how they appear on a page, but can be used on any page on the site.

SHORTCODES: These are one of the powers of WordPress.  You can use a “shortcode” to put columns on a page, content boxes, alert windows, flexsliders, fontawesome icons, etc. etc.  Very powerful, but you do need to know a bit of HTML to use them wisely. Shortcodes have an open tag [shortcode] and a close tag [/shortcode]. There is a shortcode creator on the Visual tab view of the editing page for all content types. Create the shortcode and insert where you want it to appear.    The Front Page is using the FUSION Builder to customize theming- which make it as easy as drag-n-drop to change the page.