It’s time again for Knoxville’s annual celebration of Grateful Dead’s legendary lead singer: Jerry Garcia.

Events will include performances by:

Caution (VIDEO: “Gumbo”)

Shakedown Six (VIDEO: Grateful Dead performing “Fire on the Mountain”)

Jescoe (VIDEO: “Walking Back Home”)


Burnin’ Hermans (VIDEO: “A Fool for You”)

Penn Johnson & the Lost Tribe  (Soundcloud)

The Knox County Jug Stompers  (VIDEO: “Buttermilk Biscuit Time”)


Alive Arts

Entry is a $10 donation. This will grant you entry into both venues.

The event benefits Atoine “Steely Bruno” Williamson, the trumpet player of soulfinger. He was diagnosed with stage 4 liver and lung cancer- here is some info…

Our Friend and Brother, Antoine “Steely Mon” Williamson. Founding Member and Trumpet player forSoulfinger.

Antoine “Steely Bruno” Williamson was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung and Liver Cancer on May 3, 2017.
Following a growing pain in his neck, chest, shoulder and left arm, Antoine sought a Medical Diagnosis.
He was advised to have neck, chest and abdominal CT Scans and later received a brain MRI. Shortly after, he recieved a Liver biopsy, which confirmed the cancer originated in the Lungs and spread to the Liver.
2) Treatment-Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Antoine is currently enrolled as a Patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan, GA. At CTCOA, he will be recieving Immunotherapy, Holistic Therapy, Pinpoint Radiation and Dietary Therapy.
3) Funds-Insurance Deductible, Max Out of Pocket and Expenses-Blue Cross of Alabama
Soulfinger-Soulfinger (Antoines’s Funk and Soul Band) will be donating Antoine’s Medical Deductible of $600. His Maximum Out of Pocket is $6,000. He will also be out of work as he travels from Chattanooga, TN to CTCOA in Newnan, GA. He needs these FUNDS as his treatment progresses over time. We would like maximize the Donation as soon as possible, but certainly by the end of 2017.
4) Other Help Needed- Lazy Boy of Chattanooga
Antoine has a full time job, but will need to take off work to travel to CTCOA. Additionally, he has vehicle maintenence expenses he must maintain in order to travel to CTCOA in Newnan, GA. He also has a 9 year old daughter that needs her father-physically and financially.
Antoine is subject to his finances and we do not want his treatment to suffer because of ANY lack of finances.