Attention! 3/24/2016 10:30 pm.  WUTK is now broadcasting at Full Power!  Our broken transmitter translator has been replaced!  Yeah!  Thanks for listening.  Spread the word.

Attention WUTK listners! If you have noticed our signal at 90.3FM being a bit weaker than usual lately, unfortunately, your ears are not playing tricks on you. Our transmitter is currently experiencing some power problems, which means that Volunteer Radio is broadcasting at less than a quarter of the power we usually do, and covering less of the Knoxville area with our terrestrial signal. However, our stream is not affected (there’s got to be a silver lining somewhere!).

We are working on rectifying the problem, but as most of you know, we are a self-supporting station and these problems take a bit longer to fix. We ask for your patience with this matter regarding our weak signal at this time, and we hope to get it fixed ASAP!

Thanks so much for tuning in to Knoxville’s longtime source for new music first, alternative tunes, and a variety of specialty shows.