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Knox Pridefest 2019 is an open (and free) celebration of music, celebration and speakers focused on promoting Equality and Inclusion of ALL people. This year it will be held at the same venue as last year, the Mary Costa lawn next to Knoxville Coliseum in downtown Knoxville on June 22nd, 2019 from 12pm-8:00pm. This will follow the Pride Parade, being held earlier that day, with the end destination being the festival grounds.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, vendors will have the opportunity to display information about their organizations and/or business, sell or handout items of interest and interact with our community to promote inclusion and equality for the LGBTQ citizens of Knoxville and surrounding areas.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone and to comply with our obligations please be aware of the following:

The following items are not permitted into Knox Pridefest: bottles or cans; outside food; coolers; backpacks; Frisbees and beach balls; laser pointers; any noisemaking devices; fireworks; illegal drugs and outside alcohol; weapons or any dangerous devices of any type; tents/canopies; and beach umbrellas.

Blankets/Towels, small umbrellas, purses, fanny packs, small bags, sunscreen, strollers, diaper bags, chairs, dogs in adherence with city ordinance

All patrons, employees and entertainers will be subject to a search of personal belongings. Anyone that refuses to turn over unauthorized items or refuses to be searched will not be allowed access into the KCAC.

There is water provided at Knox Pridefest for free. All Bags will be searched by KPD before entry. Having Folding chairs out of bags will help speed up KPD’s security search.

*All bags entering the festival grounds are subject to search.
*Coolers are NOT permitted.*
*Weapons are prohibited.
*You may not bring alcoholic beverages into the festival or carry them out with you.
*In the event of a weather emergency we will evacuate everyone into the parking structure adjacent to the lawn.

You may bring folding\camp chairs and small awnings are permitted, but only in designated areas. Leashed dogs are permitted, but please clean up after your pet. We reserve the right to have you move or remove the awnings\chairs\pets to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests.

*If medically necessary please contact us at info@knoxvillepridefest.com to arrange an exception.