The Indie Aisle playlist Oct. 10, 2022

Hello everyone! This is your Indie Aisle DJ, Malibu Ben. I hope exams are going good for you all, I just finished mine up. Here are the tracks I picked out for this last Monday night.




She Said (Sept. 2022)


Fly High Fly


Fly High Fly- EP (2002)


Simple Man


B-Sides and Rarities (2005)



Tricky feat. Avalon Lurks

Ununiform (2017)


It’s A Good Day to Hide


Pygmylush/ Turboslut Split LP (2009)



Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex (2017)



Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse feat. MF DOOM

30th Century Records Vol. 2 (2019)


The Fatal Impact

Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance (1984)


Rabbit in Your Headlights

UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke

Psyence Fiction (1998)


First Cool Hive


Everything is Wrong (1995)




Dummy (1994)


Delicate Cycle

The Uncluded

Hokey Fright (2013)


Five Man Army

Massive Attack

Blue Lines (1991)


I Luv the Valley OH!

Xiu Xiu

Fabulous Muscles (2004)


Science Fiction/ Double Feature

Richard O’brein

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack (1975)



Damien Rice

O (2002)


My Life


JJ No. 3 (2010)


River Card

Atlas Sound

Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel (2008)


Children of the Moon

The Flaming Lips feat. Tame Impala

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (2012)


I Think I Can

The Pillows

Fool on Cool Generation (2018)


So We Won’t Forget


Mordechai (2020)


About the author, Malibu Ben (Benjamin Woods)

Ben is a lifelong Knoxvillian and UTK senior who grew up on the Knoxville music scene through his mother Leslie (Leslie Woods and Dark Mountain Orchid) and father Jeffrey (The Black Lillies). He has major in art and Japanese which plays a huge role into the music played on the Indie Aisle. He can be heard on the Indie Aisle on the second Monday of every month.