WUTK-FM is an independent, non-commercial college radio station owned by the University of Tennessee (UT) and operated by the UT Department of Journalism and Electronic Media. All music, news, and sports shows are student produced.

WUTK is licensed to broadcast on 90.3MHz at 1000 watts.

WUTK generously accepts donations, and music from any artist. Music submitted to WUTK may or may not be played on the air.

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WUTK Request line: (865) 974-2535
Music Department, and Production: (865) 974-2229
Administration: (865) 974-5242
Fax: (865) 974-2814

For general information: WUTK@utk.edu
For the music director/submission questions: wutkmusic@utk.edu
For our sales department e-mail: wutksales@utk.edu
For the sports department e-mail: wutksports@utk.edu

All submissions may be mailed to:

WUTK Radio 
P103 Andy Holt Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0333