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In a band? Want to hear your music on WUTK? Submit your music by mailing it to the music department at:

WUTK P105 Andy Holt Tower, Knoxville, TN 37996-0333 or email MP3 tracks to

If you want your music on the radio, help us out! Make sure to include a track list, name of the artist and contact info for the band when you submit your music.

Music is reviewed every Sunday and Monday. Music submitted to WUTK may or may not be played on the air.

Submitted music and want to know the status? Email

The Latest from the WUTK Music Department

Dan Bern Interview

Sam Hastings from the WUTK Music Department checks in with singer-songwriter Dan Bern to discuss his 2024 gigs so far, his influences, what sparks his creativity, the remaster and vinyl release of his 2001 classic New American Language, new music, and upcoming projects.

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Sam’s Study: March 6

This week in Sam’s Study: Genre Madness “That’s quite a diverse selection of songs spanning different genres and eras! Each of these songs offers a unique sonic experience and carries its own significance within its respective musical landscape.” – ChatGPT “Suburban Home” by Descendents Talking about punk-rock anthems, this song is about as punk as…

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Sam’s Study: February 28

Introducing “Sam’s Study,” a weekly column that highlights music WUTK local music director Sam Hastings has been listening to during his so-called “musical study sessions.” Some weeks might be indie, maybe rap, possibly jazz, even Pearl Jam bootlegs are on the table… You just never know what he’s been listening to. Written by Sam, for…

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