Sam’s Study: February 28

Introducing “Sam’s Study,” a weekly column that highlights music WUTK local music director Sam Hastings has been listening to during his so-called “musical study sessions.” Some weeks might be indie, maybe rap, possibly jazz, even Pearl Jam bootlegs are on the table… You just never know what he’s been listening to. Written by Sam, for Sam… and, maybe some other people, too.

This week in Sam’s Study: Indie Hits (not the Spotify playlist)

“Tiny Moves” by Bleachers

– An upbeat, easy listen is how I would describe this cut from Bleachers’ newest EP Me Before You. After I realized that this song was released as a single back in January, I became extremely upset that I just now started to listen to it.



“Starving” by Audrey Nuna (feat. Teezo Touchdown)

– This release from Audrey Nuna is right up my alley. A great song from start to finish, with an amazing feature right in the middle of it. Most of the time, I feel like features do not complete a song that well, but Teezo Touchdown’s feature on this song is worthwhile. Give it a listen.


“Mother Nature” by MGMT

– This song comes from MGMT’s new album Loss of Life. The new album is really cool, but this one song really stood out to me the most. A true indie dream. These days, indie music has its own sound, and doesn’t really necessarily describe if a label is involved or not. But, if anything has the “indie sound” I just described, it’s this song.


“Flowers” by Real Estate

– Their newest album Daniel is a trip, and this song is about a nice gas station. A place to stop to get gas as you travel along your journey to the final song on the album, a track that, funny enough, happens to be called “You Are Here.”



“Open House” by Soft Loft

Late, the group’s newest EP, is my new therapy. If I could fly amongst the clouds, this is the release I would be listening to. When you turn on your headphone’s soundproof feature and are looking for a satisfying way to fade into your music-listening session, “Open House” is the song you need to choose. This song is an escape to another world.


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