Sam’s Study: March 6

This week in Sam’s Study: Genre Madness

“That’s quite a diverse selection of songs spanning different genres and eras! Each of these songs offers a unique sonic experience and carries its own significance within its respective musical landscape.” – ChatGPT

“Suburban Home” by Descendents

Talking about punk-rock anthems, this song is about as punk as it gets in my opinion. I have been really digging this song in the past week. Is it because Milo is going to college, and this song shuffles during my commute to class? Not sure. What I do know for sure, though, is that I am now a Descendents fan. And it came out as recently as 1982. Pretty good for a group that has been around for as long as they have.

“Parallel Universe” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

The group’s 1999 release Californication not only put them more into the spotlight, but it also allowed them to dive deeper into their California roots. Track after track, the whole record is a big tribute to it, and “Parallel Universe” is a fantastic stop on the journey the Chili Peppers are taking listeners on. If you had an hour to listen to the entire thing from beginning to end, I would suggest doing that.

“Out Loud” by Cage The Elephant

After waiting for what felt like forever to get a new release, Cage The Elephant finally gave us two new singles that are going to be on their upcoming record Neon Pill on May 17. “Neon Pill” is the redemption song that was released back in January. It feels like a Cage The Elephant song, which is exactly what fans wanted. The other single, “Out Loud,” released at the end of February, does not feel like a Cage The Elephant song. This is not a knock on the song by any means. I just feel like “Out Loud” represents a new sound for Cage The Elephant that is going to continue. Maybe it was some maturity that hit them. Maybe it was the scary scenario that caused the band to not have any releases for a while. Either way, this song represents a new age, and fans should get ready for what’s next.

“I’m Standing Here” by Trombone Shorty (feat. Gary Clark Jr.)

As a former trombonist myself, I respect any artist who would use the name of the instrument in their stage name. I have been listening to Trombone Shorty for about 10 years now. A friend of mine brought me onto him, and we have been loving his music ever since, particularly his 2010 LP Backatown. In 2022, when he released Lifted, I was over the moon. Not just because of more Trombone Shorty. I was over the moon because of the guest stars that were featured. New Breed Brass Band, Lauren Daigle, and… THE Gary Clark Jr., who is fantastic alone, but with Trombone Shorty… man, I listened to “I’m Standing Here” enough for it to be one of my top songs on Spotify in 2022. Clark elevates the song to a certain level that I don’t think has been achieved by Trombone Shorty in years. And this is coming from one of his biggest fans. I got the chance to meet him when he came to play in Knoxville last year, and it was a highlight of my life. I got a setlist, too. And a guitar pick.

“Caravel” by Greta Van Fleet

Need I say more. This is THE song off of The Battle at Garden’s Gate, aside from “The Weight of Dreams” (which is the reason why I almost crashed my car last week). Josh’s powerful vocals, and the award-winning guitar playing from Jake, make this song the great anthem that it is. It is a reminder of how fantastic these musicians are. This song is the glue that holds the melodic themes and the hard-hitting rock-ballads together. Without it, this record would not live up to the expectations we knew it could.

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