Tune Into This! January 29

Left: Griffin Washburn/Goth Babe; Right: Sarah Jarosz

Hear more about the brand new albums our Music Department has enjoyed the most this week. This week, Carter takes us through 8 new albums spanning from noisy New Zealand rock to spoken-word Hip-Hop from Louisville.

Goth Babe was born and raised in Memphis, and he’s lived in every corner of the country since then. Now he lives off the grid with his dog, Sadie (check track 3), either in a truck in Washington or a sailboat off California. Listen for a dreamy, poppy atmosphere and if you also want to live off the grid in a car or a van. Goth Babe is playing at Bonnaroo June 2024.


Julien Baker said Torres’ music comes “from a convicted place.” That’s the only endorsement we need. This record isn’t quite indie, isn’t just rock, and is laden with electric sensibilities. Listen for a creative rhythm section and artful energy.



I don’t make it a secret that I like dreamy, hazy music; this New Zealand band describes their debut as “celestial.” I’m so in. The vocals are pristine, the guitars are beautifully layered. This is already up on my personal AOTY watchlist. Listen for many guitars in some deep brassy tunings, plus enough noise to drown in. 


I’m not a big Radiohead fan, and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not afraid to say it (no offense intended if you are a fan). Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood have something completely different for you here, though, and it’s worth digging into. Listen for a dreamy atmosphere and contemplative themes, but only if you don’t mind sitting with it for a while.


I like to melt my brain every once in a while – Ty Segall has the songs to do it. He reins himself in a bit to a more focused edge than some of his past work, but there’s still plenty of energy. Listen for blinding guitar riffs and sentimentality. Ty Segall plays the Orange Peel in Asheville Friday, April 26.



In his fifth album, Ferreira charts new ground while holding true to his authentic style. The Louisville native’s raps read and sound more like poetry than what you’d find in most literary magazines. Super minimal. Listen to “Begonias” and decide from there how you feel.


Seventh time is still the charm with these Baltimore musicians. You know what you’re getting from Future Islands. They’ve continued to refine their trademark modern synth-pop sound to its sharpest form yet. Listen if you want even more Future Islands (or if miss the 80s or just want tons of synths).


This album is NPR music in the best way. Texas-native Jarosz soaked her latest release in the sound of her newly adopted Nashville home. Listen for twangy vocals, bright acoustic guitars, and driving melodies. Sarah Jarosz plays at the Bijou Theatre Friday, March 8.



Check back next week for the latest exciting new releases!

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