Tune Into This! February 12

Ducks Ltd. (photo credit: Colin Medley)

This week, it’s guitars galore! Acoustic, sludgy, and everywhere in between, Co-Music Director Carter Moore has a slew of new albums you’ll want to hear ASAP.

What. An. Album. As soon as the titular lead single dropped, I knew we were in for a special treat. Her singing is as soulful as ever, but her music has evolved so immeasurably far from her start with Alabama Shakes. Listen to hear something entirely new every song for around 40 minutes (maybe even shades of Prince?). Brittany Howard is playing at Bonnaroo June 2024.

I started listening through this album, and I said, “Hmm… sorta reminds me of Kacey Musgraves.” Then I looked through the tracklist and saw her name as a feature. As a label, Anti has perhaps the most uniform sound of any record company. Listen if you want the latest Nashville contemporary singer-songwriter, with plenty of wit in her writing.


Toronto isn’t known for its surfing, but that doesn’t stop this duo from putting out glittery modern indie surf rock. They don’t stray too far from their last album, Modern Fiction, which is just fine by me. Listen for the jingle jangle jingle jangle guitars and lyrics to make you tear up, but only in one eye.


This right here, this is some serious gourmet music. Originally from South Florida, now around Asheville, this album draws from Latin, jazz, and folk sources to craft a smooth, groovy feel. Listen for boundless experimentation with synths and soundscapes.


This guy is French, and his real name – Louis Delhomme – translates to Lewis OfMan, hence the name. Plenty of creativity in this record, as he breaks past the strict synth-pop he had primarily produced in the past. Listen for the production sensibilities of TV Girl and the like.


Loyal readers will remember, a long two weeks ago, that I said I like to have my brain melted sometimes. Wolfe is here to melt my face off at the outset, then slowly patches it together as the album progresses. Listen for stupidly sludgy guitars, sludgy like you haven’t given your car an oil change in eight years sludgy. 

My education in the history of college rock is quite lacking, so I’m not sure that I’ve ever listened to Pylon, which means I can’t very well tell you how this compares to Pylon. The Reenactment Society only features Vanessa Briscoe Hay from the original lineup, but this new crew still whip out some mean post-punk/new wave blend. Listen if you want to pretend you never left the 80s.


Check back next week for the latest exciting new releases!

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