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Donate Your Cars, Trucks, Vans and Boats too!

Just call the donation line at 866-628-2277, and they’ll walk you through the prompts to get your donation taken care of. You don’t even have to remove the car from your property – they do it all for you. Boats must still be seaworthy.
It’s a great way to help WUTK stay on the air, so spread the word and THANK YOU!



When you donate to WUTK:

You’re helping students learn real world broadcasting skills, helping to keep the most musical variety on Knoxville’s radio dial, and supporting local and independent artists that we play!  Not to mention, this is a tax-deductible donation! You can make a one-time donation, recurring gift or payroll deduction!

Your information is safe and the link is through the University. Thank you in advance for supporting WUTK. WUTKRadio.com/donate