The War on Drugs – US Tour

US Tour Update From The War on Drugs

Hi all, just wanted to give a quick update about our US tour that begins in Austin on January 19th.

First off, we’re disappointed to announce that due to the government of Ontario’s indoor capacity restrictions, our Toronto shows on February 5 and 6 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre have unfortunately been cancelled. Automatic refunds will be issued to all ticket holders in the next 30 days.

We’ve always loved playing for you in Toronto and have had some of our most memorable nights as a band there – playing “like a hurricane” at Massey Hall in 2017, the power going out an hour before our show at Lee’s Palace in 2014, playing two sweaty, sold out horseshoe Tavern shows, the massive Slave Ambient artwork/window display that the folks at Soundscapes made for us (that I still cherish). We’re so disappointed to be doing this, but we promise we’ll make it up to you in 2022 (and beyond). Wheels are already in motion as they say…

We’ve added a show in Pittsburgh (Feb 5) as well as a show in Cincinnati (Feb 6). Yay! Tickets for those are available on our website. Obviously, we’re beyond excited for these additions.

We’re also requesting that as many of you as possible wear a mask when you come see us play this tour – especially if you’re in the first few (50) rows. I know we’re all over masks but for one, it makes me more at ease cuz now I don’t get self conscious (and dark) when I see y’all yawn out there but also because we want our fans, our crew and our band to stay healthy so we can honor the commitments we’ve made to every city on this tour. Seriously, we would really appreciate it.

Second, due to this latest Covid surge and our need to exist within the tightest possible tour bubble, there will be no support acts on this run. We know how excited all of the opening acts were for this tour and we sincerely appreciate them being so f’n understanding.

Lo Moon was scheduled to be with us through Atlanta. We met years ago when Charlie was asked to play on their wonderful and CLASSIC debut record, Lo Moon. We became fast friends and they’ll still be joining us as MAIN SUPPORT on our EU/UK tour in March and April. We’re beyond excited to travel around with them. Their new song ‘Dream Never Dies’ is out now!

Caroline Kingsbury wrote me out of the blue on Instagram asking to open our tour when we announced it back in July. I had never heard of her but I listened to a few songs and I knew SHE NEEDED TO PLAY MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Big songs, big voice. Great hooks. I loved it. Please check her out and support her when she comes through your town. I know that we’ll be doing some shows together this year one way or another.

Our friend Rosali from Philly was going to play all the midwest shows with us since she has relocated to the rural calm of Michigan. Every one of her records is on heavy rotation at one point or another and her latest record, No Medium is a true stunner. She makes singing and writing songs sound easy and effortless. maybe it is…what a life. we love you Rosali! We’re gonna miss playing Birds of Paradise and Because the Night with you every night :((((

We became instant friends with Toronto native Joseph Shabason when we opened for Destroyer in 2011 on the most epic 7 week tour I’ve ever been on –  6 months before Slave Ambient came out. Basically Chris Koltay was forcing us to go to Culvers to eat butter biscuits and Joseph was also DYING to go to Culvers So he ditched the comforts of the Destroyer tour bus and enjoyed some of the biscuits that Koltay had ordered “for the table.” We’ve been close ever since. Honestly this guy’s got a million great records to his name. We suggest you check them all out. He also played saxophone on the outro of “Eyes to the Wind.”

Finally, when Shawn and I were mixing our record into some sort of strange mush back in late 2020 I remember hearing 3 songs on repeat coming from his kitchen. Having no luck with Shazam I asked his wife what I was listening to. It was rough mixes of what would become TOMI’s Sweet, Sweet Honey EP and I fell in love with it immediately. I was really looking forward to hearing her sing these songs down the west coast but that’ll have to wait until some other time!!