Tune Into This! February 26

Erick the Architect (photo credit: Ellington Hammond)

Hear more about the brand new albums our Music Department has enjoyed the most. This week, there’s two different albums out of Denmark, and our first ever (dis)honorable mention! Here with more is Co-Music Director Carter Moore.

It’s Erick’s debut album, a double LP with features as diverse as Joey Bada$$ and George Clinton (yes, that George Clinton). That variety comes through in his songs and delivery, too. Listen whether you want in-you-face rhymes, old-school R&B soul, even some Jamaican sounds, it’s all there for you to find.


It’s hard to say much new about Real Estate and their music, because it hasn’t changed all that much since their 2009 debut. If it ain’t broke, though, I guess you shouldn’t fix it. Six albums on, almost every track is still their signature light indie sound. Listen if you’re easily offended by noise. Real Estate plays at the Orange Peel in Asheville Friday, May 24.


Timony is one of those names everyone with an ounce of music knowledge should know. Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney called her “Mary Shelley with a guitar,” and she also taught Lindsey Jordan, who you may know as Snail Mail. She’s also been in Ex Hex and Wild Flag, among others. Listen for some of the greatest guitar work around right now, equal part 60s, 90s, and today.

This album showcases the natural modern progression of R&B since the 90s, tinged with recent developments from industrial to hyperpop and everything in between. Copenhagen’s own pulled out all the stops for this one. Listen and fall in love with de Casier’s nostalgic vocals and beats.



Church Chords is a project guided by LA’s Stephen Buono. Each track incorporates a slew of talented musicians and draws from a wealth of often contradictory styles. It’s thrilling to listen to, every minute feels like a unique experience. Listen for something that sounds brand new, with just a hint of familiarity.

This one is a quick little jaunt, and it’s a blast. I take back what I said about Anti- two weeks ago, Glitterer delivers a nice punch in this short runtime. Listen if you’re in a rush and need something fun to push you along.



For the slacker in your life, Denmark’s Baby in Vain has some of the cleanest hazy indie rock we’ve heard this year. It’s the sound of spring! “Mine” is a criminally underplayed song on an album that’s already deep underground. Listen if you’re desperate to be pretentious to your friends and to show them a band you can gloat about finding before they hit it super big.


Okay, I take back calling this a (dis)honorable mention, to quote the band themselves, “hate is a strong word.” I think I just don’t like the Britpop/synthpop (ish) sound they always find themselves in. If you enjoyed the newest Future Islands album, this will be up your alley. Listen though at least half of every song, and (if you’re like me) you’ll go from distaste to at least passive enjoyment almost every time.


Check back next week for the latest exciting new releases!

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